Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Happy with CNMI doctors

Since arriving on island a few years back, I heard negative stories and anecdotes about the state of our health care facilities and the abilities of our physicians here in the CNMI. Those stories left me a bit anxious when I developed a mildly complex health problem a few months back. I would like to share with others that the stories I heard did not match the reality I experienced. The doctors I consulted with have been nothing other than exemplary. I had two brief stays in our local hospital, and the care I received was outstanding. My primary care physicians, Dr. Tan and Dr. Lamar at FHP, have been extremely diligent, patient, thorough and effective. I also met Dr. Ada, and she was as impressive as her reputation. In meeting with Dr. George and Dr. Sawer at CHC, I could not have been more impressed with their knowledge and competence. I grew up in the New Jersey area, which is a fairly rich state with renowned and well compensated doctors from the top universities, but my experiences with the five doctors mentioned here left me more satisfied than my experiences with those renowned east coast physicians. In fact, just being around these doctors, who are so educated, dedicated and knowledgeable, was an inspiration. CHC certainly needs a radiologist, and other specialists, as well as infrastructure investment, but the doctors here, like the teachers, should be commended for getting results with the limited resources allotted. I thank all of you at CHC and FHP.

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