Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cowboy up

I'm from New Jersey. No one there is wearing a Cowboy hat and that whole get up unless it's Halloween. I was in a Chili's the other night and two guys came in all Cowboyed up. My first thought was, "I forgot to buy candy this year. All those kids are going to think I'm a dick."

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Dennis D'Amico said...

This guy is full of it. I wear my hat a lot. Especially in cold weather. But I know a lot of guys who do. And on top of it, the only thing I for when I'm taking a run...are boots. top it off with a large western belt with a belt buckle. And I stil go out and meet my business contacts. (I'm a management consultant). Take off your slip-ons with tassels, throw away your knit cap and man-up!