Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In case I need a mood lifter

I want this image easily accessible for those dark, depressing or sad moments. I was only slightly comforted that the rest of the country finally "got" what an inept clown this guy was --five years too late for what was painfully obvious on day one. His legacy: financial wreckage centered on an unimaginable debt, joblessness, homes lost, medical care unaffordable, millions of Iraqis dead, thousands of Americans killed or maimed, the terrorist who killed 3,000 Americans still at-large, the language butchered, our global prestige dissipated, the culture even more dumbed down and the document he promised to "preserve, protect and defend" pissed on. Good riddance.


SteeleOnSaipan said...

Good riddance is right. Mission not complete until they charge his and Cheney's asses with high crimes against the Constitution.

So Jeff, it's only been a short time so far but how would you rank your move to the States 1-10, 1 being totally regret it and 10 being no regrets at all, we love it?

chamberonomics said...

High crimes against humanity is more like it, Steelman.

Jeff, what is the price or range of prices for 3 bedroom homes?

Jeff said...

Probably a seven. I have a better car, housing, eat better and do more, but all of that costs more, so less discretionary cash. The things I miss the most are all the people I knew in Saipan. Relationships develop because you just bump into people more in Saipan. I'm going to write a column about this in detail for the Variety at some point. I talked to Zaldy about it.
Depends on the town Ron, but you can get one for 100K easily brand new 15 miles west of Phoenix in a less renowned town -- the one I work in.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Great article by your friend Matt Tiabbi in rolling stone about Bush. It is an "interview."

Jeff said...

I thought that was weak for him, actually.