Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Getting even cuter and showing lots of personality

This sweetie is developing quite the personality now at eight months, moving around quite a bit, showing reckless disregard for her head, which she bumps frequently, and is definitely in the Christmas spirit thanks to mom.
And Alex is now six years old and has quite the keen sense of humor.


KelliOnSaipan said...

Cute kids - I'm sure they help make the holiday season fun.

the un cheesy Bree said...

those antlers are sooo cute. and that cake looks yummy. they are very very cute!

i'll have to try the mussel and portuguese chicken.

i'll send you a recipe for cuban black beans. absolute best!

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Cute is as cute does.

Mine found his horrendously-expensive-cause-I bought-it-on-Saipan bicycle and insisted on riding it before xmas When I refused he said "Thats okay, motherf---ker, I didn't want it anyway." Yikes!

Now what will I do with a 20 inch bike? I gave his old one (okay 1 year old) to a needy family down the street. Maybe I should give his new one away likewise.

I think he has been hanging out at Goodmother's bar too much, or Godfather's day care center. (:-))

Jeff said...

That kid is a handful, Bruce.

Look forward to seeing your bean dish, Bree.

I'm sure you're going to be right, Kelli. Xmas is really for the kids.