Sunday, November 23, 2008

Doug Stanhope in Tempe

Last night I caught Doug Stanhope for some renegade comedy at a rock club in Tempe. He doesn't do comedy clubs because he thinks they're, "Adult Chucky Cheeses for all occasions." This was definitely not a sanitized, corporate comedy club experience, there weren't even chairs, which was mostly good. I enjoyed the 75 minutes of vitriol Stanhope offered, and got to chat with him a few minutes after the show, and he was cool. Stanhope had one of his drunken friends open with fifteen minutes of pointless, humorless rambling, which had a certain unintentional Andy Kaufmann make the audience hate you vibe. I also saw Dave Attell at the Tempe Improv a few weeks ago, which started strong but weakened as the set went on and wasn't aided by $8 per drink in this economy. Liked this line from Attell about watching the presidential debates with the sound down: "It looks like a snowman is yelling at very young pharaoh."


Josh @ Drink In Tempe said...

I went to see Attell at the improv a few weeks ago also, and felt that he put on a strong set, but certainly not some of his best work.

I'm jealous you got to see Stanhope uncensored and unplugged. I used to work at the improv, and I hate to say it, but it's souless corporate adult chucky cheese.

Nice blog,

Tempe Happy Hours

Jeff said...

Thanks for checking it out.