Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin passes away

George Carlin died today. He was someone I really admired. He stayed relevant for a long time in a very difficult field. This new book about stand up in the seventies tells his story very well. The book is about a lot of comedians, not just Carlin. I saw him perform in a small theater in New Jersey about 12 years ago. I still have the pictures somewhere. I went to a Yankee v. Mets game in Shea in 2002 and he sat close to me. I shook his hand, spoke to him briefly and he was very kind. He was also sitting up in the nosebleeds near me, which I thought a surprise.

In other news, this account of this ship that went down in the Philippines with 800 people missing is disturbing. Only 24 have been found. I was on that shipping line last year on a family trip to Boracay. It might have even been that ship, I'm not sure. I'm also not a mariner by any stretch, but I don't get why this ship didn't head to port as soon as this report of a typhoon came out. There is no answer to that in the newspaper account. The AP pictures are really disturbing. I feel terrible for those people.


Max Sand said...

One of the very best. Too bad he's gone.

bigsoxfan said...

Hi Jeff,Seems like blogger having a freak day, I have to log on before I can see comments. Doesn't help that the lad has buggered my space bar key, along with the e, h, and lord knows what else.

Anyway, I've been following the ferry tragedy and it seems the company operating that particular line has a rather tragic past. Check out and Nancy Reyes blog from Luzon. She in my links as the "finest kind blog" She has a usual spot on the Bloggers news network.

Too bad about George C. Someone even liberals and conservatives can agree on as a hell of a guy. Glad you were able to meet him. Hope the little girl is well and your transition back east goes well. Mark