Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One from the archives

I'm not a prolific picture taker like some people I know. I often think we go to special places and don't enjoy them enough because we're too picture happy, and that's not a knock on the good people who enjoy that art and go for that purpose. I was amazed by Mark Robertson's Photography on the wall at 360. They are blown up and framed -- and for sale. He really captures Forbidden and the Underwater World. He has quite the talent. Harry's blog as well. He has that eye and love for macro photography. Love the stuff they're doing. I was looking though some pictures I've taken and here is one that stuck tonight. Notice how that dog interjects herself into that moment. Shelby hated to be alone. She loved to be in the thick of the action -- even when she got old. Christmas, Birthdays, she tended to be in the spontaneous shots just by being around. Just one more thing I loved about having a pet.

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